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These sample tutorials are so that you can see the content, educational,  and video quality of all that we produce.
How do I make buttercream? watch this video>>>

Build beautiful, delicious, lofted flowers with this French meringue buttercream.  The written recipe can be found HERE

Lauren frosting a buttercream cake

In “Lauren frosting a buttercream cake”, watch as she  fills and frosts a single tiered cake. You will see two layers of cake filled with buttercream, assembled, skim(crumb) coated, then top coated, and smoothed to perfection! We all know that great things can’t be built without solid foundations. With cake, the background top coat of frosting is the foundation. If it is not done well the cake will look amateur.

How to Pipe Scrolling With Buttercream

In the first video, “How to Pipe Scrolling With Buttercream”, you can learn how we apply scrolling to a single tier cake The White Flower way. Marianne walks you through the process and gives great tips and tricks to help you advance your scrolling skills.

How to pipe a buttercream rose on a cupcake

In the last video posted today,“How to pipe a buttercream rose on a cupcake”,  you will see how to build a beautiful rose with buttercream. Learn how we build the classic buttercream rose!

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