Stacked Classic Cake Pricing

Let a stacked buttercream cake be the centerpiece for your next special event.

Our stacked cakes range in size from a 10-12 serving 2 tier cake, on up to a 300 serving 6 tier cake.  With the exception of the 10-12 serving 2 tier cake, you can choose a different cake flavor for each of the tiers on your cake, at no additional cost.  All tiers on our cakes are created with 2 layers of cake filled with one layer of filling.

Stacked cakes are fabulous for the focal point of your event, while cupcakes that match can be ordered to supplement if additional servings are needed.

Our beautiful stacked cakes take a lot of time to assemble and decorate.  Please give us as much notice as possible for your 2 tier cake.

Other beautiful stacked cakes can be viewed in our Wedding Gallery

2 Tier Round

10-12 Servings

starting at $115

2 Tier Round

20-30 Servings

starting at $265

3 Tier Round

50 Servings

starting at $500

4 Tier Round or larger

150 Servings and up

starting at $6.50 per serving

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